Braillo Logo

In January, 1980, Braillo developed the world’s first double-sided braille embosser. For decades, Braillo has been the market leader in the production braille embosser segment; the embosser construction and its braille quality are simply unmatched. The goal of Braillo is simple: to provide the highest quality production braille embossers and supplies on the market to help ensure blind individuals have access to great braille – all while offering outstanding service and support.

Their line of products is: Braillo 300 S2, 450 S2, 600 S2, 600 SR, 650 SW and 650 SF Braille Embossers.

Enhanced Vision Logo

Dedicated to helping individuals maintain their independence, the brand Enhanced Vision offers a full line of superior, easy-to-use low vision products at affordable prices. Enhanced Vision low vision electronic magnifiers are designed to assist people in many different low vision situations whether it is macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma and cataracts. Some are portable while others are designed to sit on a desk or table.

Their product lines include: Merlin and Acrobat Desktop Video Magnifiers, Transformer Portable Video Magnifiers, Amigo and Pebble Handheld Video Magnifiers and Smart Reader Portable Reader/Scanner.

Freedom Scientific Logo

Freedom Scientific is a leading brand of software and hardware products, dedicated to improving the lives of those with vision impairments or learning disabilities. For over 20 years, Freedom Scientific has helped people in over 70 countries achieve their professional and personal goals. Their innovative technology is designed to promote independence, allowing blind and low vision users the same access to information as their sighted peers.

Some of their well-known products are: TOPAZ Desktop Video Magnifiers, RUBY Handheld Video Magnifiers, JAWS Screen Reading Software, Focus Blue Braille Displays, OpenBook Scan & Read Software and omniReader Portable Scanning and Reading Solution.


HIMS is a global manufacturer and distributor that has provided braille, magnification and accessible healthcare devices since 1999. At HIMS innovation is driven by feedback from customers and employees. HIMS started to research, develop and manufacture the first BrailleSense notetaker. It has since expanded its product line to include other notetakers, Daisy players, and handheld and desktop magnifiers.

Their popular products include: BrailleSense Notetakers, QBraille XL and Smart Beetle Braille Displays, Blaze OCR Multi-Players and CANDY Handheld Video Magnifiers.

Index Braille Logo

Index Braille is the world market leader for braille embosser production. By raising the technical level, Index Braille has made braille more accessible for blind people worldwide. With more than 30 years of experience, the Swedish company Index Braille is the main global manufacturer of braille printers. The company has a modern production capacity, fast delivery speed, and continuously updated products.

Their current line of products is: Basic-D, Everest-D, BrailleBox and FanFold-D Braille Printers.

Optelec Logo

Optelec is an innovative brand of hardware products for the visually impaired. For more than 40 years, Optelec products helps people with a visual impairment, whether it be blindness or any degree of vision impairment, with simple to use and intuitive products. These products are designed to help people lead an independent and full life: to allow them to stay in touch with those around them, to enable them to continue school or work and to help them continue doing their hobbies.

Some of their products comprise: ClearView Desktop Video Magnifiers, Compact Handheld Video Magnifiers, PowerMag Optical Magnifiers, ALVA Braille Displays and ClearReader Scan & Read Hardware.

Orbit Research Logo

Orbit Research develops and manufactures innovative and affordable products that enable an independent lifestyle for the physically challenged. Founded in 1998, they have introduced breakthrough products that define the state-of-the-art in features, functionality, convenience and cost. Their commitment to ground-breaking innovation to achieve the highest levels of user-friendliness, affordability and quality has resulted in products that remain unsurpassed.

Their products comprise: Orion Talking Scientific Calculators, Orbit Reader Braille Displays, Graphiti Tactile Graphic Display and Orbit Writer Braille Keypad.

Perkins Logo

Perkins is a progressive, multi-faceted organisation committed to improving the lives of people with blindness and deaf blindness all around the world. One of their areas of focus, Perkins Solutions, provides innovative assistive technology products and consulting services to people, organisations and governments around the world to empower people who are blind or visually impaired to reach their full potential.

Their well-known products are: Perkins Braillers and SMART Braillers.

ViewPlus logo

In 1996 while researching methods for better accessibility of graphical information to the blind, Professor John Gardner and his team developed a new high-resolution embossing technology. He and his wife then founded ViewPlus to produce embossers. Since 2000 ViewPlus has developed many braille printers, hybrid ink/braille printers, touchpads and a suite of software solutions. ViewPlus is the industry-leading manufacturer of high-definition tactile graphic printers.

Their line of products includes: VP Columbia and VP Delta, VP SpotDot and VP Premier and VP Elite Tactile Graphic Printers.

Zoomax Logo

Since 2011, Zoomax has been committed to developing assistive technology for people with vision impairments. Today, with a full line of low vision products including handheld, portable and desktop video magnifiers, Zoomax worldwide sales and service network have covered 70 countries. At Zoomax, user experience is the most important aspect guiding new project development. They listen to voice and request from users and involve user’s suggestion in new product definition.

Some of their products include: M5, Snow 7 and Luna 8 Handheld Video Magnifiers, Snow 12 Portable Video Magnifiers and Acesight Wearable Devices.